Tuesday, 27 November 2012


First Professional MBBS Degree Examinations, August 2012
Physiology Paper 1
Time: 3 Hours                                                                                       Total marks:50

  • Answer all questions
  • Draw diagrams whenever necessary

Long essay (10)
1. A 60 year old man presented with acute retro sternal chest pain radiating to the inner aspect of left arm. The ECG showed ST segment elevation in some of the leads.

  • What is the most probable diagnosis?
  • What are the other ECG changes that may occur in this condition?
  • Explain the leads used in recording ECG
  • With the help of a diagram describe the waves, intervals and segments of normal ECG recording in Lead 1                                          (1+1+2+6=10)

Short essays                                                                 (2×5=10)
2. Describe the mechanism of water re-absorption from the different parts of the renal tubules
3. Explain the neural regulation of respiration
Answer briefly                                                              (5×3=15)
4. Peptic ulcer
5. Rh blood group system
6. Micturition reflex
7. Hypoxia
8. Hypovolemic shock
Draw and label                                                               (2×2.5=5)
9. O2 –Hb dissociation curve
10. Pacemaker potential
Explain the physiological basis of the following          (5×2=10)
11. Clotting occurs when blood is kept in a glass tube
12. Steatorrhoea occurs after pancreatectomy
13. Alveoli do not collapse during expiration
14. Anemia is seen in patients with renal disease
15. Edema in hypoproteinemia

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